Gejst is focused on the future. We want to make a sustainable impact, so we work the same way we live: With intention at every step.
Where we’re going

Our role is a privilege that we don’t take for granted. We have big ambitions today because none of us know what will happen tomorrow. But no matter what, we’re committed to growth, meaning, and high-quality human connections.

We know real change happens outside of our comfort zone, so that’s where we go.


We are a strategic design studio

Strategy & Insights
Brand strategy
Business strategy and experiments
Business model design
Design- and strategy sprints
Go-to-market strategy
Market research & insights
Tone-of-voice & content strategy
App & e–commerce design
Art direction
Brand design
Branded commerce
Campaign design
Design concepts
Motion design
User testing
UX, wireframes & prototyping
VR, AR & 3D design
Website design
Digital products & systems
Websites & experience platforms
Gejst Studio by the numbers
digital projects launched since 2013
and counting facilitated Design Sprints and prototypes built and tested
of our time is devoted to pro-bono and nonprofit projects
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