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How do you make a playful and engaging introduction to the library space for 8-12 year olds?
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Bibliobitterne is a universe built for giving children aged 8-12 a playful introduction to the Danish public libraries. Through engaging storytelling in a playful children’s universe, the libraries come to life, and the children are sent on an interactive mission among the library’s various genres using the project’s AR app.

We have led all conceptual development and initiated the process with large involvement from both library employees and children. Our execution has resulted in a playful and spacy universe where children are invited on a scavenger hunt for the missing ‘Bibliobits’ from outer space. With the ‘Bibliobitterne’-game kit, we allow local librarians to customize the game according to their specific library setting.

Process overview
Children – our most valuable resource

Our development of Bibliobitterne centered around the child’s experience. In the project, we involved the end-users, the children, throughout the entire process, from product ideation, prototyping, to the finished app. Actively seeking their insights, we organized children’s workshops, allowing their voices to guide our path. 

What do children associate with a library? How do they prefer learning, reading, playing and exploring? According to them, what does a Bibliobit look like? These, among various other questions directed to children, were fundamental in guaranteeing their involvement at every stage of the process. The concept, storyline and characters for the Bibliobitterne universe has thus been developed by children and for children with the skilled help from the popular Danish writer, Thomas Brunstrøm, author of the book series ‘Sally’s far’.

Thomas Brunstrøm
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