How do you design a strong visual presence within an industry characterized by generic products?
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dol-sensors design and develop different types of sensors for the agricultural sector. In a line of business where many of the products look alike, dol-sensors are known for having an increased focus on the end-users: the farmers. To strengthen this position for dol-sensors, we developed a new site and made sure to incorporate a high degree of user-friendliness in the navigation. We also created a visual product display, an innovative feature in this line of business.

Process overview
The art of standing out

In an industry where the different sensors developed for agricultural purposes are characterized by a high degree of comparability, it’s often hard to distinguish products between competing companies. Based on their ambition to stand out from their competitors in a positive way, dol-sensors have chosen to focus product design on their end-users.

This emphasis on the end-users was also the basis for our collaboration with dol-sensors. During the development of dol’s new site, we sought inspiration from other industries with a similar focal point, especially design-led companies like B&O and Apple. Based on this inspiration, we created a digital universe where dol’s products are presented in a visually innovative way that the end-user is not used to seeing – accentuated by the use of 3D-animations provided by Spejlvendt.


Niels-Ole Schmidt (Spejlvendt)
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