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How might we drive better decision making for more environmentally and economically sustainable investments?
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Plando is a digital tool that elevates the traditional condition plan for properties into a strategic tool that ensures a clear and value-creating development.

Together with PJP, we have rethought and digitized the conventional condition report and maintenance plan, and developed a decision-making tool focusing on the environmental and economic impact of making building improvements.

Digitizing property data enables working with a long-term perspective, making investments in properties more strategic and targeted. It provides the opportunity to replace short-term maintenance with long-term improvements. Long-term improvements result in value-added growth.

Knowledge that creates value

Plando is founded on a simple vision: A dream of a building industry that grows in value through sustainable improvements.

We live in a world where we cannot afford to waste any more resources. That’s why Plando decided to break away from the industry’s “this is how we’ve always done it” mindset and find a new path. We believe it’s time for us to take the leap into a smarter way of working with property development. The industry needs it. Society needs it. The world needs it.

So why isn’t the industry already more green and sustainable?

The answer we found was that sustainability often gets lost in the chaos of information, data, and communication that comes with maintaining a building. When you can’t see clearly through the fog, you end up with short-term solutions. It’s not just a waste of resources – it’s a loss of value. The demands for sustainability in our industry are constantly increasing, but the tools to work with it in a targeted manner have not yet emerged.

Plando is our answer – a tool that aligns a sustainable agenda with smoother workflows, better overview, more precise communication, easier collaboration among stakeholders and suppliers, and increased value in housing stock.

In short, our tool converts your property data into accessible knowledge that you can use to create value on multiple aspects of your property’s bottom line.