Don’t Waste Tomorrow

How might we utilize waste to create responsible furniture for tomorrow?
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Marble and natural stone have surged in popularity within kitchen design. Large, customized stone slabs are tailored to fit each kitchen precisely, but manufacturing errors or chipping result in discarded plates. This leads to the wastage of valuable materials, energy used in processing and transportation, as well as customizations that go to waste. We helped Don’t Waste Tomorrow speed up product development and brand design in their mission to transforms discarded stone plates into crafted, functional pieces for daily living. Responsible furniture solutions designed to stand the test of time a commitment to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Process overview
Design of a spin-out

Don’t Waste Tomorrow emerged as a spin-off from PFP, a B2B sub-supplier specializing in crafting table tops for Danish kitchen manufacturing companies. Undertaking a spin-off represents a bold and audacious step for any corporation. In the case of PFP, this venture has demanded the acquisition of fresh competencies and the restructuring of business processes. It entails a transition from the traditional B2B sphere to the lifestyle-focused B2C segment, where heritage and brand significance take center stage.

Time to market: in 200 days

We helped PFP craft, design and go from idea to market in 200 days. This includes test and experiments with design, production of brand-, product-, and websshop and go-to-market strategy.

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