Søstrene Grene

How might we build innovation capabilities within a growing corporation to drive sustainable innovation?
Design Sprint Facilitation training Innovation process Project design & strategy

This project is about building a bottoms-up innovation culture in Søstrene Grene by taking a team of five talented young employees through a variety of tools from the Gejst-toolbox. Through the facilitator training (train-the-trainers) program, we worked on real issues for actual clients instead of using made-up cases in the classroom.

Running for a year, the project concentrated on two main aspects: Building capacity for driving innovation processes from within with the five talents, while identifying new innovation and business opportunities for Søstrene Grene.

Process overview
Long-term impact

We are strong believers in the idea of building innovation capacities within the corporation to create a more long-term impact on projects like this. Søstrene Grene had the courage to prioritize corporate learning over short-term gains, empowering their employees to enhance their skill sets and collaborate as an innovation-driven team.

The outcome was an exceptionally ambitious group of innovators that dared to challenge some of the core assumptions within the corporation. Subsequently, they aimed to actively shape an organization and business tailored to meet ambitious growth targets and facilitate expansion in the coming years.