Vindica Wine

How might we create a more conscious and responsible approach to wine in an industry characterized by strong traditions, conventionality and nostalgia?
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Did you know that the majority of CO2 emissions from wine consumption come from transporting heavy bottles? We love wine, and we care about the planet. That’s why we’re proud to be a part of Vindica Wine. Vindica is on a mission to set wine free and drive change in the wine industry. By changing the packaging and container size, we’ve reduced CO2 emissions by 65%, ensuring that we can all continue to enjoy wine in the future.

Wine is no longer confined to a bottle. Ultimately, it’s all about cherishing those liquid drops of nature that deserve more attentive care. Therefore, we have set out to create a more responsible approach to wine that is better for you, better for the wine itself, and better for the world.

As a proud partner, we handle brand building, content delivery, and contribute to the ongoing business development of Vindica Wine.

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